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Restaurant Quality Wagyu Beef at The Last Resort Farm in Middleburg, Virginia

When it comes to farm raised beef for restaurants and consumers, there’s none better than Middleburg Wagyu beef raised in Virginia. Wagyu beef is a special blend of a Japanese bull bred with Angus cows and the result is an aged to perfection, certified U.S. Prime Koby-style beef product, grade stamped, so it can be served in some of the finest restaurants in the world.

Whether you are looking for Beef Tenderloin, Beef Shoulder, Top Blade, Top Beef Sirloin Center-Cut, Ribeye; Strip Steak, Center-Cut or Beef Shoulder or Ground Beef, Middleburg Wagyu ages it’s beef for 28 days to bring about the best beef flavor possible. The result is a delectable, certified and approved product with an exquisite taste, packaged for local delivery to restaurants or by mail order for consumers.

Only farmers approved by the American Wagyu Association are permitted to raise and sell Wagyu beef and The Last Resort Farm is honored to be one of them. Our cattle are fed a patented diet, kept calm at all times and pampered and cared for and the result is perfection.

If you are a restaurant, steakhouse or butchery and you want to order high-end Middleburg Wagyu beef for your customers, contact us today to place your restaurant order or call 540-336-7539.

If you are a beef connoisseur and consumer and you are interested in purchasing our beef products, call 540-687-4021. Our online store will be coming soon.

About Our Beef Products

• Our beef is aged 28 days to perfection
• Vacuum-packed beef products
• Shipped FEDEX direct in dry ice

Our Processor

Our processing facility, 7 Hills located in Lynchburg, VA, will vacuum pack your order in leak proof freezer-ready packaging then ship directly to your restaurant, steakhouse business or home, typically within one to two days.

They use the newest grinding, blending, trimming and packaging equipment to ensure a fresh, clean, bonechip-free product, in secure and sterilized packaging, and deliver a uniformed quality product to all of our customers.

Our job is to raise and provide the best tasting beef in the country. Our processor will ship it direct to your home or restaurant to fulfill your business needs. USDA

Order Your Middleburg Wagyu Beef Products Today

Restaurants, Steakhouses, Beef Product Resellers and Butcheries 
Call 540-336-7539 to discuss you orders and to make plans for your customers.

Consumers – Call 540-687-4021 to place an order.

American Wagyu Cattle at The Last Resort Farm in Middleburg VA