~  Fishing Pond  ~

Fish Pond Stories Down on the Farm

At the Last Resort Farm, we want to hear about the one that DID NOT GET AWAY. Bring your rod and reel to the farm and while mom shops at the Middleburg Barn Antiques, you and the kids can spend a little time fishing at the Last Resort Farm Pond.

Our eco-friendly pond is loaded with bass, bluegill and catfish and provides even the best anglers with a change and fun afternoon. (Catch and release only.) We do not provide bait or tackle so please bring it with you.


Space is limited and you must complete a personal liability release form before you can fish, so register to fish at the pond and we will send you a form. There is no charge to fish, but we like to know who’s on the premises and using our pond.

For more information, please call us at 540-336-7539 or EMAIL us.

To fish in the pond, or to visit the farm, please download the FARM/FISHING DISCLOSURE form, sign and bring it with you the day you visit. Then, register online to schedule an appointment.

Fountain at the fishing pond at The Last Resort Farm in Middleburg, VA